We believe in ambitious dreams, brave hearts and patient hands with recognition to all those before us and respect for those yet to come.

Hutton Vale Farm is set amidst an iconic Barossa landscape, pioneers of the region, the Angas family are custodians of this land; renowned for their fine wine, quality wool, free-range natural pasture lamb and hand-made artisan produce.

We are a family dedicated to the land on which we live, committed to enhancing the natural, cultural and community landscape.


Hutton Vale Farm was first established in 1843 by John Howard Angas, known as J.H.A. during the early colonial period. He was only 19 when he arrived in the Barossa, sent by his father from England, to oversee the family’s agriculture properties. Sustaining the new settlers of South Australia with food was part of his charter. It was on Hutton Vale Farm that he established his prized studs and mixed farm produce. He went on to become one of the largest land owners in the colony.


The Angas family remain pioneers, as farmers dedicated to the land on which they live. Using sustainable practices and the utmost respect for mother nature, the family’s wines, accommodation and produce capture the true essence of the terroir.

Hutton Vale Farm’s current custodians, seventh-generation Stuart and Caitlin Angas are a brother and sister duo who are taking the knowledge of the past and applying an updated set of skills to lead Hutton Vale Farm into the future.


Upon European settlement the Angas family took up land in South Australia. John Howard Angas named this section Hutton Vale Farm in 1843 and to this day it remains in the family.

Hutton Vale Farm is a mixed farm with many facets, including grapes, wool and food growing. The philosophy is to run each arm of the business in a sustainable manner while at the same time entwining them together as a whole. Offering award-winning wine, lamb, woolen throws and tailored experiences for guests.


Listed as one of Expedia’s top sustainable South Australian food and wine companies, our philosophy is to run each arm of the business in a sustainable manner while at the same time entwining them for a productive mixed farm. The family believe that as the current custodians of the land, they should take only what is necessary and give back wherever they can to allow for future generations.

Conservation of water is paramount, herbicides are rarely used in the vineyard with sheep grazing for weed control. Solar power is fitted to the majority of the buildings feeding back into the grid. The sheep production has a generational approach giving strong immunity development. An extensive tree planting program across the farm has a focus on building natural habitat as well as shade for animals and replacement plantings for the centurion gums trees.


Flying has featured within the family’s history over several generations, today it remains part of the ongoing activities. Hutton Vale Farm opens its airfield to private and charter aircraft.


Hutton Vale Farm produce is for those who truly care. Grown and made by a family who care about flavour, provenance and ethics. An approach with attention to detail and confidence in quality. Chutneys are hand cut, cooked in small batches and labelled by hand. Wines are grown in the vineyard, hand pruned, hand picked, stored in the best barrels before bottling and hand packed to rest in cartons before release.

Wool is carefully shorn from the sheep’s back by local hands, classed and pressed ready for sale. Small parcels are hand selected specifically for our Barossa Only Merino throws, designed by local artist, Marnie Gilder. The Angas family work within the seasons, be they lean or generous. A focus on the natural environment is paramount for their future and the quality of produce.