Curtis Stone’s Beverley Hills restaurant menu inspired by Hutton Vale Farm

In October 2019, we hosted Curtis Stone and his team at Hutton Vale Farm as he travelled around South Australia looking for inspiration for his latest menu. He toured our farm by motorbike through our vineyards and past grazing sheep before we gave him a lesson on sheep shearing. In the evening, we gathered in the farmhouse for dinner and enjoyed Hutton Vale Farm Wines.

Curtis Stone owns two restaurants in California, but it is Maude that he is renowned for which opened in 2014 and was awarded a Michellin star in 2019.

Since 2018, Curtis began drawing inspiration from the great wine regions of the world to curate his menu. The first menu of 2019 focused on South Australia and it was to our delight that he took his experience back to California and drew inspiration from our farm to create his latest menu.

As we quote from the Maude’s Instagram account, “our visit to Hutton Vale Farm provided us with inspiration for our South Australia menu and a whole lot of fun. This beautiful farm in the Barossa Valley is run by the Angas family and is home to both grapes and merino sheep”.

Thank you Curtis, you are always welcome at Hutton Vale Farm and we hope to host you and your team again soon.

Thank you Curtis, you are always welcome at Hutton Vale Farm. 
We hope you come again soon.