“A land less ordinary” JRNY – ISSUE 6

By Karen Edwards

Excerpt included below – click below for full article.

“Further south, in the Barossa Valley, that sense of community is just as strong. This is where a 19-year-old John Howard Angas settled in 1843, establishing a 20,000-acre farm. The challenge today, says John’s great, great granddaughter-in-law Jan, is in maintaining the same small-scale, family-run farm in an ever-changing, consumer-facing world. ‘There is still a calmness and serenity when you walk across our land. People who come to stay with us often say it’s like stepping into a past world,’ she tells me, with a smile.

‘We are still a mixed farm, although today we are much smaller. We grow different varieties of sheep for meat and wool, as well as chickens, crops, an orchard, a vegetable garden and a substantial vineyard. When our lamb goes to local restaurants, such as Harvest Kitchen and FINO Seppeltsfeld, or Anchovy Bandit in Adelaide, our history and experience is shared on the menu so people can understand where their food comes from.’ While it is tempting to choose just one production line to focus on, which tends to make more money, the Angas family relish farming on a smaller scale because it keeps them ‘connected to what the food and landscape are about’. Those words ring true in every aspect of South Australian life. This isn’t a state overflowing with flashy attractions and ultra-chic hotels to draw in tourists. Instead, it remains faithful to its roots – inviting travellers to immerse themselves in the local culture, fully and unapologetically.

South Australia, I’ve learnt, is a place where the untouched coastline stretches for miles, sometimes without another soul in
sight, where friends gather at the local football club on a Saturday night to celebrate the community’s sporting heroes, and where wine tastings operate out of tin sheds on the side of the road. This is a place where normality thrives – and that’s more special than you can ever imagine.”

Credit: JRNY Magazine – UK, Issue 6