Kelp & Birch Barossa DNA Blanket


Small Size: 100mm x 150mm
Large Size: 140mm x 180mm

100% Merino Wool

Made in Australia

Designed by Marnie Gilder in collaboration with ‘Only Merino’.

Available in three colours; Tumeric Asphalt and Kelp.

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Our premium merino wool is soft against the skin bringing you warmth with pleasure and comfort knowing the wool has been genuinely cared for, from grazing across our landscape to being in your hands.

Hutton Vale Farm wool is part of the Only Merino Barossa collection of throws and scarves. Barossa artist, Marnie Gilder created an abstract design from and aerial view of the Barossa landscape for the throws. The scarves feature a nod to our Hutton Vale Farm logo.

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